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Welcome to Lee Calhoon & Co. Founded in 1970, Lee Calhoon & Co. has earned the reputation of being one of the leading retained search firms in the United States which specializes exclusively in healthcare. Unlike other firms that deal in many industries and sectors, our only business for over 40 years has been healthcare. Our track record of success is supported by the fact that we have conducted more than 3,000 searches across the healthcare sectors of payer, provider, information systems and technology, pharma, managed care, disease management, behavioral, health care services, workers’ comp, medical device, consulting, and Population Health Management.

Mission Statement— We make this commitment to our clients and friends:To provide the highest quality executive search services dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry; and, to achieve the best possible results following the ethics of our practice while continuing to maintain our leadership in the recruitment of healthcare professionals.


"There is something more rare - something more valued than talent. It is the ability to recognize talent."

- Lee Calhoon

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